Diversity and Inclusion

Careers – Diversity and Inclusion

Caviness is committed to diversity and inclusion. Our employees are diverse, our jobs are diverse. We work in an environment that is physically demanding. We are proud to be the largest employer in Deaf Smith County. Our industry requires us to perform at the highest of standards every day. Our plants produce products that exceed industry standards as well. Our recruiting and hiring efforts brings together different employee skills and talents that we train and develop into one of the best beef processing teams in the industry. Many of our employees have worked in our industry for their entire careers. We are driven by common goal to be best at what we do. We care about the success and well-being of every person. Our hiring and work environment is free from bias and we promote inclusion in all areas of our Plants. Since 1962, we have continued to build a strong performing Company that is committed to customers, careers, and continued success.



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