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Caviness Beef Packers, LTD is a progressive beef packer and further processor whose products are marketed through a variety of foodservice and retail channels.

Caviness Beef Packers has been family owned and operated for over “60 Years” and is currently led by 2nd and 3rd generation family members. Since 1962, Caviness has remained one of the most relationship oriented companies in the beef industry. The business has grown from harvesting a handful of cattle, in the early days, to 2900 head processed each day. Today, the company operates two processing locations and markets products worldwide.

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To be a progressive, relationship oriented company that exceeds the highest standards in beef processing.

Caviness works closely with area ranchers and dairy operators on their live cattle marketing. We strive to add as much value as possible to their operation.

Good manufacturing practices, adhering to customer specifications and USDA regulations are all utilized to establish and implement meaningful standard operating procedures for the processing and distribution of our beef products.

We strive to be the ideal supply chain partner and have satisfied customers that come back to Caviness branded products time and time again.

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The new plant features the highest quality construction with the latest design and equipment to ensure the highest food safety and animal care possible. We look forward to growing meaningful relationships with cattle producers, dairy operators and beef customers in the Western U.S.

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